Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Mass: 2 Kg

Capacity: 2.000W

Dimensions: 310x285x65 mm




• Display power, temperature.

• Touchscreen keypad.

• Heat resistant glass, scratch resistant.

• Multi function: fried, fried, hot pot …

• Thermoplastic body.

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Weight: 2.5Kg

Capacity: 2.000W

Dimensions: 310x285x65 mm

Product Features

A single infrared cooker is a product many families now prefer to use. With fast convenience, the Kangaroo Infrared Kitchen has become a trusted product in the kitchen of Vietnamese families.

Features of Kangaroo KG 385i Single Infrared Cooker.

Luxurious, youthful design

Kangaroo KG385i Infrared Cooker is designed to be classy, youthful, yet luxurious and noble for your kitchen.

Heat resistant glass, durable.

The Kangaroo KG385i Infrared Cooker is designed with high-strength and heat-resistant glass surfaces to give you peace of mind in the cooking process as well as ensure long-term use. The kitchen can use a variety of pots and is not picky cookware, more convenient in the cooking process.

High capacity and convenient cooking mode

The kitchen has a capacity of up to 2000W for fast cooking, saving you maximum cooking time. At the same time, Kangaroo comes with 4 cooking modes, including hot pot, soup, fried, and baking options.

Easy operation with touch panel

The kitchen is equipped with modern touch panel and intelligent LED display time and temperature display, helping users to work with the product easily and accurately. With Kangaroo KG385i infrared cooker, you can Optionally adjust the various temperature levels so that the dish is ripe to the mouth, without losing the taste of natural flavor by overheating or too long.

In particular, the kitchen also sets up a hot surface indicator to keep you and your family safe, limiting burns or other injuries.

Uses all kinds of pots, donated with baking grills handy

Kangaroo KG385i infrared cooker uses all sorts of pots, including cast iron pots, glass pots, earthenware and even baking dishes such as meat, fish and seafood directly on the kitchen counter. maximum convenience.

Technical information of the product:

• Heat resistant glass, scratch resistant

• Thermoplastic body

• Have a child safety lock

• Multi-function cooking

• Suitable for all cooking utensils

• Touchscreen keypad

• The indicator light is hot

• Set time and temperature

• Automatic protection against overheating

• LED display temperature

Feature and Specification

Capacity: 2.000 W

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Mass: 2Kg

Control button: Touch key

Size: 310x285x65 mm

Guarantee: 12 months