Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Volume: 2Kg

Power: 2,100W

Dimensions: 320 × 390 mm




Kagaroo Ultra Single Thin Plate.

• Two heat sink fans

• Energy saving

• Siemens sensor of Germany

• LED display temperature

• Multi-function key

• High temperature glass, scratch resistant

• Type on the table.

• One oven

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Power: 2,100W

Volume: 2Kg

Dimensions: 320 × 390 mm

Product Features

Ultra-thin single-electrode

The ultra-slim Kagaroo KG408i ultra-thin, ultra-slim, ultra-thin, ultra-thin, ultra-thin, ultra-thin,


Tempered glass kitchen.

The cooker is made of heat-resistant glass, resistant to high temperatures, difficult to crack or deform to keep the kitchen as new, ensure safety and easy to clean after use. The glass of the kitchen is resistant to water, heat resistant

Adjustable touch-sensitive function key

– The automatic heater selects the bottom of the pot to save energy

– Body made of ABS resin.

– The cooker automatically switches off when the temperature is high or the cooker does not have a pot.

Intelligent control panel

Kangaroo’s ultra-thin electromagnetic cooker uses a smart panel that allows you to choose from a variety of cooking styles including hotpot, fried, soup, stewed, grilled … for family meals. With multi-touch keys, allows you to operate easily.

Kangaroo KG408i single-pole Kangaroo integrated self-disconnection power when the temperature is too high, too hot or unsuitable voltage, the size of the pot is too small … to ensure absolute safety for both equipment and people use.

Power 2100W

The Kangaroo KG408I has a capacity of 2100W for the ability to reach the desired heat level quickly, which makes cooking time faster. Kitchen that supports LED display temperature to check also the cooking temperature is more convenient. In addition, the product has multi-touch keys and timer settings.

Product Specifications:

Comes with 1 stainless steel pot

• Elegant, delicate pattern.

• LED display temperature

• Siemens sensor of Germany

• LED display temperature.

• Multi-function key

• High temperature glass, scratch resistant.

• Type on the table. Cooking one.

• Multi-function key

• Power: 2,100W

• The following types of pots can be used: steel pots and flat bottom pots with magnetic coating

Feature and Specification

Capacity: 2.100 W

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Mass: 2Kg

Control button: Touch key

Dimensions: 310x390x60 mm

Guarantee: 12 months