KG 443i


Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Power: 3500 W (2- Infra Cooker – 1800W + 1700W)

Dimensions: 755x457x120 mm

Warranty : 12 Months


Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Power: 3600 W (2- Infra Cooker – 1800W + 1800W)

Dimensions: 755x457x120 mm

Product information Double cooker electromagnetic Kangaroo KG443i

Kangaroo infrared electromagnetic stove KG443i integrates 1 induction cooker and 1 infrared stove, 3500W cooking capacity for high cooking efficiency, fast time, vertical thermal technology combined with modern cooling system Help the kitchen maintain a stable temperature and increase durability, comes with a timer and smart keyboard lock.

High-class, luxurious black glass
Kangaroo KG443i infrared electromagnetic double stove is a high-class and modern kitchen product line. High quality black and shiny ceramic face design with water resistance, good strength and heat resistance, easy and clean hygiene, saving cooking time for many busy women.


Ingredients Double cooker kitchen
3500W capacity
Installation of the Stove kitchen, Slim design, soundproof
Kitchen material Heat resistant glass
Utility Capacity is adjustable
Cooker type Kitchenware from the bottom of the pot with magnetic contamination

Overheat protection

Touch control sensor

Tempered and heat – resistant glass surface