Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Volume: 2.5Kg

Capacity: 2,000W

Dimensions: 340x95x420 mm

Warranty : 12 months



Technical Specifications

• Display power, temperature.

• Touchscreen keypad.

• Heat resistant glass, scratch resistant.

• Multi function: fried, fried, hot pot …

• Thermoplastic body.

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Volume: 2.5Kg

Capacity: 2,000W

Dimensions: 340x95x420 mm

Product Features

Kangaroo infrared cookers are replacing old and unsafe gas stoves, used by many housewives today. Fast, convenient, easy to use and absolutely safe are many families choose to use. In particular, the infrared cooker can be used with all pots, so you do not have to invest in a new pot, which saves you extra money.

The quality of products:

• Heat resistant glass

The electric stove is durable, scratch resistant, resistant to heat, to prevent the surface of the kitchen deformed or melted. The shiny glass material is easy to clean. Material of the kitchen influences greatly on the heat transfer effect. This glass also protects the internal components from external impact and ensures user safety.

• Touch sensor, LED temperature display

The electronic control panel of the electric cooker includes a system of function keys with an electronic push button, and easy-to-operate touch buttons, which the user uses by pressing down to activate the corresponding function of the button. Each key corresponds to a function like power on / off; increase, decrease temperature, capacity; cooking time, timer … These keys are clearly illustrated, easy to understand, easy to use for anyone. The cooking instructions and controls are clearly displayed on the modern LED display, which is easy to understand and easy to use.

• Timer cooking and multi-function cooking.

The Kangaroo KG389i has a multi-cooking mode, so you can use it for other purposes such as frying / frying, cooking hot pots, steaming, cooking porridge, baking, helping you enrich your family meal. without much effort. The kitchen is equipped with a timer while cooking, saving you time and hands free doing other things.

• Usable for all pots

Stainless steel cookware, aluminum, porcelain, glass … help to make the most of the available pots, saving money and storage space for the kitchen.

• Safe lock mode

A safety lock helps lock the panel when the stove is in operation, absolutely safe for children. Hot warning lights help keep the kitchen hot, safe for the user.

Infrared cooker Kangaroo KG387i specifications

• Heat resistant glass, scratch resistant

• Thermoplastic body

• Have a child safety lock

• Multi-function cooking

• Suitable for all cooking utensils

• Touchscreen keypad

• The indicator light is hot

• Set time and temperature

• LED display temperature

Feature and Specification

Capacity: 2,000 W

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Mass: 2.5 Kg

Control button: Touch key

Size: 340x95x420 mm

Warranty : 12 months