Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Capacity: 2,000W
Volume: 2Kg
Dimensions: 285x345x62 mm

Warranty : 12 months




Kangaroo single magnet oven.
• Bilingual keyboard (English-Vietnamese).
• Heat-resistant black glass.
• The keypad has eight functions.
• Stainless steel pot.

Product feature
Chic design, compact
The Kangaroo KG351i has a black design that combines a luxurious design with a compact design to provide space for the kitchen. It is also a smart choice for students who live in, single people, small families, …

Tempered glass kitchen
The Kangaroo KG351i single-layer, high-strength, high-gloss black glass cooktop with heat resistance as well as good heat insulation, high strength, heat resistance, scratch resistance and cracking. You are completely safe when using. In addition, high-end glass allows users to easily clean, clean the dirt, grease on the glass surface.

Single magnet Kangaroo KG351i

5 automatic cooking functions enrich meal
The product features 5 cooking functions to help your family meal more rich, diverse. You can choose from fried, fried, hot pot, soup, stewed food, etc. At family gatherings, friends, karaoke, karaoke, karaoke, etc. Kangaroo KG351i can help you quickly get a hot pot of hot pot in the menu.

User-friendly Vietnamese control panel, easy to use
The Kangaroo KG351i has a touch panel, so you can change the cooking mode as well as the heat level with a simple operation. In addition, the electromagnetic cooker also equipped with 5 automatic cooking modes: stew, soup, hot pot, fried, fried so you can process many different dishes to make your meals more abundant.

Powerful, flexible timer
The Kangaroo KG351i single-electrode cooker works on the electromagnetic induction heating mechanism of the pot directly so it can be cooked very quickly and economically. The Kangaroo KG351i’s 2,000W cooker cooks faster, saves you a lot of time and fastens food so you keep the nutrients and vitamins in your food better. delicious and nutritious meal for the whole family

The cooker has built-in timer function so you can choose the cooking time for your dish, which you do not need in the kitchen, but your dishes are not burned when you forget. This function saves you time and money for other tasks.

Radiator fan
The bottom of the kitchen has a heat sink to keep the kitchen equipment is stable operation without fear of overheating, damage or lack of safety for the user.