Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Power: 2,000W
Volume: 2.7 Kg
Dimensions: 320 × 390 mm

Warranty : 12 months





• Kangaroo Ultra Thin Plate.
• Energy saving.
• German IGBT sensor
• LED display temperature.
• Multi-function key
• Titanium glass top, super durable
• Type on the table.
• One oven.

Product Feature

Ultra-thin single-electrode, Kangaroo model KG 417I ultra-thin.
The Kangaroo KG 417i hot pot is made of high-grade tempered glass with heat-resistant surface for easy cooking. Kangaroo single-purpose kitchens are increasingly used and are popular in many homes thanks to their quick heating and built-in features. Kangaroo introduces the KG417I ultra-thin electric range of kitchens to customers who have more choices of Kangaroo products.

Lightweight design, youthful color.

KANGAROO KG417I kitchen is designed with a modern design, compact, ultra-thin design with beautiful patterns, suitable for all families, students, … Kitchen using gray flowers combined flowers elegant text. Electromagnetic cooktop is made of high-grade glass, resistant, heat-resistant, shiny, easy to clean after use. The kitchen uses high-grade Titanium glass, not only beautiful but also heat resistant, high strength with high-grade glass.

Operate easily.

The Kangaroo KG417I cooker with a capacity of 2000W gives you the ability to quickly reach the required level of heat, making cooking time faster. Kitchen that supports LED display temperature to check also the cooking temperature is more convenient. In addition, the product has multi-touch keys and timer settings.

4 preset modes.

The Kangaroo KG417I single-electrode cooker has four modes: porridge cooking, stewing, fried / fried, boiling water, cooking hot pot. Depending on the purpose of use you will quickly select the right level of power with a single operation and do not take too much time to adjust the temperature when cooking. With 4 cooking modes, homemakers can create a variety of delicious dishes to enrich their family’s meals.

Timer function

The Kangaroo KG417I single-purpose electric cooker also has the ability to be very flexible, useful for busy people. In addition, the kitchen also offers a handy pot of hot pot.

The quality of products:

Kangaroo KG417i ultra-thin single-electrode model.

Comes with 1 stainless steel pot
• Elegant, delicate pattern.
• LED display temperature
• German IGBT sensor
• LED display temperature.
• Multi-function key
• Titanium glass top, super durable
• Type on the table. Cooking one.
• Set the timer.
• 4 cooking modes
• Power: 2,000W
• The following types of pots can be used: steel pots and flat bottom pots with magnetic coating