Power – 700W

Voltage – 220v/50Hz

Capacity – 1.8L

Weight – 3.8kg

Dimensions – 360x315x270mm



Kangaroo rice cooker KG12H with elegant design is integrated with functions such as cooking rice, cooking porridge, steamed, baking, … the product is increasingly preferred by modern families.

1.8L capacity

Kangaroo KG12H rice cooker with capacity of 1.8L is suitable for family with 4-6 people to meet the needs of the majority of consumers.

High quality porcelain-coated inner pot

The inner pot is coated with high-grade porcelain, 2mm thickness and 2-layer non-stick coatings  to effectively prevent stickiness while helping you to easily clean.

Power 700W

With a power of 700W, you can save a lot of time when cooking rice. Just about 30 minutes you have a delicious and decent meal  for the loved ones in the family.

Simple operation

Kangaroo rice cooker KG12H has two cooking modes – cook and warm mode – warm easy to manipulate when used. When the rice is cooked, the pot will switch to warm mode to make the rice cooked better and retain heat longer.

Handy handle

Convenient  handle makes it easy to move the pot, not taking up much space.

How to cook with rice cooker Kangaroo KG12H

  • Wash the rice slightly before cooking to remove dirt and rice husk (if you do not have time to soak the rice you can bypass the step of rice soaking).
  • Add the rice and the right amount of water into the rice cooker. Select/Set COOK mode.
  • When the rice begins to boil, you unplug the power supply.
  • After 30 minutes – 1 hour, you plug in the power again and continue cooking in COOK mode. When the cooker switches to WARM mode, you keep 20-30 ‘more, then you have rice cooked.