Capacity: 1.8 Liters

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 700W

Dimension: 345x296x298 (mm)






Product Description

Kangaroo KG10 rice cooker with 1.8L capacity suitable for 4-6 people. This is a product that many consumers appreciate because of its superior features.

Modern design

Kangaroo KG10 rice cooker is light, suitable for any kitchen space, contributing to the aesthetics of the owner of the house.

2.0 mm pot

The inner pot has a honeycomb-shaped bottom with the thickness of 2.0mm, durable . The Kangaroo KG10 rice cooker uses special non-stick enamel to keep foods from sticking to the pot when exposed to high temperatures.

Stainless steel pot body

The Kangaroo KG10 rice cooker body is made entirely of stainless steel, with special coating, combined with heat-treated cooking elements, around the body of the cooker, helps to cook better and cook faster. .

Highlights of Kangaroo Rice Cooker KG10H

Advanced high-frequency cooking technology advanced helps cook rice deliciously and softly.

Intelligent exhaust valve helps to evaporate better and at the same time retain many of the vitamins available in rice.

The Kangaroo KG10 rice cooker and smart sensor are capable of calculating the amount of heat required to produce, with given amount of water for cooking, giving you the best possible rice for each type of rice. dried, broken rice, cooked in small quantities of rice ..). In addition, the pot can also be transferred to the heat balance for the pot.

Theanti- overflow function of the pot not only helps to prevent nasty stains on the outside surface of the rice cooker, which  causes the unhygienic if used for a long time , but also to preserve water amount and rice flavor.

With the above features, Kangaroo KG10 rice cooker is completely deserved in your modern kitchen space.