• Power: 860 W

• Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

• Capacity: 1.8L

• Weight: 5.1 Kg

• Size: 425 x 330 x 250 (mm)




Korean style, delicate, internal
High quality, durable 2-layer porcelain coated pot
3D warm incubation function
LED display screen
Automatic cooking timer

Kangaroo rice cooker KG595 Korean design, multi-function, intelligent automatic cooking mode and 3D warming technology increasingly become a close device in Vietnamese kitchen space.

1.8L capacity

Kangaroo rice cooker KG595 has a capacity of 1.8L suitable for family of 4-6 people to eat. 860W capacity helps to cook rice quickly.


Kangaroo rice cooker KG595 offers a variety of cooking modes such as quick cooking / cooking / slow cooking / cooking porridge / cooking soup / steaming / stewing / cooking elderberry / baking / making yogurt. After setting the function, press the “Start / Start” button. The indicator light will go on in the mode you select. After the cooking process is completed, the pot will play 2 “beep” “beeps”, the pot will automatically switch to keep-warm mode, the keep-warm light will be on.

High quality 2-layer porcelain lining

Kangaroo rice cooker KG595 has a high quality aluminum alloy pot, good thermal conductivity, fast cooking, energy saving. The pot has an insulated handle to help you move the pot from the pot easily, without fear of burns.

3D warm incubation function

Smart 3D incubation technology ensures rice flavor stays the same, flexible, whole and round.

LED display screen

Kangaroo rice cooker KG595 is equipped with luxurious LED display screen, convenient for users

Automatic cooking timer function

Kangaroo rice cooker KG595 has a heavy automatic automatic cooking timer. For example, this time it’s 1pm if you want to eat at 7pm, you have to set the time to be 6pm. Press Menu button and select Soup / Porridge mode … depending on need. After installing the function, the indicator light will light up in the mode you select. Press the “hour” or “minute” button to adjust the time. After installation, press “Start / Start” button for 2 seconds and the indicator light will go on.

Easy cleaning

To increase the life of the pot, you should occasionally clean and maintain the parts properly.

Clean pot, steam valve, swing aluminum:

Use warm water, detergent and sponge to scrub the pot, aluminum cover to protect against overflow. Do not use metal bleaches and wash pads.
When food sticks in the pot, soak for a while before washing.

For the heart, pay attention to the following:

Using wooden or plastic spoons, do not use metal spoons.
To ensure pot life, do not store food in the pot.
Do not leave sour in the pot to avoid corrosion.

Cleaning and maintenance of other parts

Use a wet cloth to clean the surface of the rice cooker, swing the pot and wire, do not use detergent.
Use a cloth to clean the heating tray if water or rice is present