Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Capacity: 350W

Guarantee: 12 months




Blender 2 in 1, Luxury design

• Capacity 1.5L, convenient for the whole family

• Stainless steel blades.

• All-in-one with 3 milling speed, pulse knob, suitable for different types of fruit, food and pulse button make the grinding work extremely simple.

• ABS plastic grate, with mortar.

• Product warranty 12 months

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Capacity: 300W

Product Features

Kangaroo KG318 has a capacity of 350W, high quality plastic mortar with capacity of 1.5L, stainless steel stainless steel blade for you to grind food and food quality. The Kangaroo KG 318 is made of a plastic material that meets hygienic standards, including a main grinder and an additional grinder, a non-slip grate, three grinding speeds and two grinding modes. Get a variety of different foods.

Kangaro KG318 is also equipped with blue LEDs on the panel to help users operate more accurately and safely when used.

Power 350W

The machine has the power to turn strong grinding, fast all foods including hard foods can be grinded easily.

Capacity of 1.5 liters

Comprehensive storage capacity, which can be grinded with more food at once, saves you time and effort.

he blade is made of stainless steel

The Kangaroo KG 318 grinding wheel system is made of stainless steel, has a strong grinding ability, long lasting product life and can be easily removed for cleaning and sanitizing products after use.

Multiple grinding functions

In addition to the ability to grind vitamins made from different fruits, the machine also has the ability to grind meat, nuts and roots of the product thanks to different grinding modes.

Handy mills included

With an additional grate, the Kangaroo KG 318 offers the convenience of grinding nuts or dry foods within seconds.

Easy to clean

The detachable parts of the machine, help you quickly clean by hand or put neatly in the tray to clean in the dishwasher.