Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Capacity: 380W

Dimensions: 265x140x280 (mm)




• Fruit, vegetables, cereals, dried foods

• 2 grinding speeds and 1 pulse function

• Voltage 220V, 50Hz

• Large capacity, up to 380W, for quick and easy milling of foods

• Low operating noise

• The whole mill is made of high quality plastic for maximum protection against cracking, safe for health.

• The grinder is made of special stainless steel, dedicated grinding – grinding food

• The components are easy to disassemble, convenient cleaning

• The engine is equipped with sensors against thermal overload, improving product life

• Anti-slip feet are absolutely safe

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Capacity: 380W

Dimensions: 265x140x280 (mm)

Product Features

The Kangaroo KG2B1 multifunctional blender is designed with 2 blenders, specially made of special stainless steel, the KG2B1 is made from high quality transparent plastic, with low noise. With the Kangaroo KG2B1 multipurpose blender, it’s easy to cut, shred or crush foods and vegetables easily and effectively.

Used for grinding different foods

The Kangaroo KG2B1 has the ability to multiply real food, from fruits, vegetables, cereals, dried foods to wet foods, meat grinders, fish and shrimp; Simple, easy, fast, save maximum time.

Power 380W works well, low noise

Easy to notice the advantages of the Kangaroo KG2B1 blender that is the ability to operate strongly; The capacity of 380W is considered to be large, for efficient operation, milling all kinds of food, which other machines can not do or lose time. Despite the high capacity but low noise, operation is very quiet.

2 milling speed and 1 pulse generator

Depending on the type of food, is hard or soft, is the fruit or meat that the user chooses the milling speed accordingly. The Kangaroo KG2B1 has two rotary speed grinders, manual controls, simple and gentle, followed by a pulse button, which blends food right into the grinding process.

The grinder is made of special stainless steel, dedicated to grinding – food additive

The knives of the Kangaroo KG2B1 are made from stainless steel, have a high durability, high strength, corrosion resistance and are sharp enough to grind all kinds of food, whether it is hard food or soft, wet or dry food, it is lightly grinded. And one more thing is that the whole mill is made from high quality plastic, anti-cracking, safe for the health of users.

Compact, modern, high aesthetics

The Kangaroo KG2B1 is light brown in color, it is a nice color and elegant, easy to create a highlight for the kitchen space. The mill is disassembled, quite convenient for cleaning, when used, can be re-installed, saving space.

The engine is equipped with a thermal overload sensor, lifespan of the product and slip legs are absolutely safe.