Voltage:220V / 50Hz

Capacity: 350W

Guarantee: 12 months




Blender 2 in 1, Luxury design

• Capacity 1.0L, convenient for the whole family/p>

• Stainless steel blades.

• All-in-one with 3 milling speed, pulse knob, suitable for different types of fruit, food and pulse button make the grinding work extremely simple.

• glass mill, with a side moulder .

• Product warranty 12 months

Product Features

Blender 1 liter 2 in 1, Elegant style for convenient use for the whole family

The Kangaroo KG 302 is a compact, handy machine with a 1 liter main blender suitable for the needs of families with few members. Moreover, the mill is made of high-strength glass material, which is safe for the health of the users, and reduces the cracking and cracking caused by high-speed food grinding. The part makes up the elegance and beauty of the product.

2 convenient mills

Especially, besides a large mill for you to make delicious fruit juices, the milling machine is also equipped with an additional grinder to grind dry foods such as meat, cereals, nuts. … the product is multi-purpose with two functions of blending and grinding dry. With 3 grinding speeds, the same pulse generator, matching different types of fruit, food and pulse button makes grinding work extremely simple than ever.

Quickly digest foods with high capacity

Powerful 350W blender with sharp stainless steel blades for health. In addition, the blender is equipped with two levels of milling speed and a button to help you easily grind different types of food.

At the same time, the specially designed blades are particularly convenient for miller cleaning. Machine designed different milling speed with pulse button (button stuffing) before the blender or food should adjust or press this button 5-7 times to fruit or food self-blending, then gradually increasing speed from small to large.

The Kangaroo KG302 has a small capacity and features many of the family members, singles and students, helping to make freshly made fruit juice. nutritious or nutritious, delicious soup becomes easier.