Voltage: 220V / 50HZ

Capacity: 120W

Color: Aluminum




Anti-bacterial silver-coated Nano cabinet

A fan in the heart of the cabinet

There are lights, flexible storage rack

2 layers of vacuum glass

Warranty: 2 years

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Capacity: 120W

Cooling temperature: 0 -10 ° C

Volume: 61/67 Kg

Dimensions: 575x600x1710 (mm)

Cooling System: Aluminum

Product feature

Modern design, beautiful
The Kangaroo KG298AT is a compact, 1-compartment pan with a transparent glass vase, size 575 x 600 x 1710 (mm), weight 61/67 kg suitable for storing and displaying a variety of foods. Different in stores, department stores, supermarkets …

Glass doors transparent, tough
Kangaroo door KG298AT is made of vacuum 2-layer glass vacuum combined with thick wall system, magnetic seal helps to keep the cold to achieve higher efficiency. The device has a safety lock, sure to avoid the case of opening the door to the desired, ensuring the safety of users. With the use of tempered glass and the layout of the LED system inside the cabinet, users can easily see the condition inside the cabinet very conveniently.

Fast cooling, heat retention
The Kangaroo KG298AT has a 120W capacity and uses an aluminum cooler for fast, deep cooling with a maintained temperature of 0-10 degrees Celsius to keep food fresh and cool. .

Pure silver antimicrobial coating
The bed is covered with antimicrobial silver nanoparticles to provide superior antibacterial, deodorizing, and enhanced long-term preservation for better food.

Environmental friendliness
Kangaroo Coolers use the R600a Gas Block to ensure a healthy, environmentally friendly environment.

Flexible storage rack design
The Kangaroo KG298AT is a versatile, flexible rack design that maximizes space utilization, easy sorting and sorting of items in the cabinet.

Convenient temperature control
In addition, the cabinet also features a temperature control panel outside the cabinet body with various modes that allow users to easily adjust the temperature to suit each type, food quantities with just one. Simple operation.