Voltage: 220V / 50HZ

Capacity: 210Liters

Guarantee: 12 months




• Voltage: 220V / 50HZ

• Weight: 49/55 KG

• Dimensions: 495 x 515 x 1360 (mm)

• Power: 117W

• Warranty: 24 months

• Capacity: 210 liters

• Temperature of cooling: 0 – 10 degrees Celsius

• Refrigerant: R134A

Product feature

Features Kangaroo Cooler KG210AT
 In the refrigerator, the heart is the place to store the most bacteria, if not the bacterial drive with the risk of cross-infection between foods together. So, a Kangaroo silver nanoparticle covers the surface of the Kangaroo Cooler, which helps keep the spot clean, and the silver particles also help to prevent oxidation, clean the air for long-lasting fresh food. than.

The Kangaroo 210AT External Kangaroo Sterilizer is made of high quality ABS resin.