KG 51A3


• Voltage : 220 V / 50 Hz
• Weight : 15.2 kg
• Size : 382 x 370 x 1068 cm
• Cooling mode : Block, R134A
• CS hot : 300 W
• Cold CS : 90 W



Product Feature
• Easy to use: With hot / cold display light, easy to check status Kangaroo Water Heater. 2 separate hot and cold taps.
• Safety: Hot water bottle with safety lock for baby.
• Easy to clean: With excess trays (when filled can be easily lifted out of the drain) and rear exhaust valves.
• Disinfection chamber: Has deodorizing function.
• Top cover: Easy to install water tank, easy to use.
• Colors are good for eyes.

The Kangaroo KG51A3 Cooling Water Heater has a deep cooling block cooling system and high durability. This product is part of the Kangaroo Ventilated Water Heater series, which is a stand-alone, three-hose design with hot and cold functions – usually separate and flexible for use. The product design is quite fancy, brown combined with wood texture.

Kangaroo Water Heater is a convenient and safe hot and cold water heater with a luxurious design suitable for both the family and the office. No need to waste time and space on many products such as refrigerators, kettle, etc. The need to cool or heat water is integrated in a single product – very neat.