Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Weight: 14,4 Kg

Size: 274 * 303 * 1086mm

Capacity: CS Hot: 420W – CS Cold: 100W




Genuine Kangaroo.

Elegant, modern design.

Rich colors.

Warranty 12 months.

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Product feature

Using water purification equipment in hot summer days or cold winter days are a lot of families are interested, to create clean water for the family as well as ensure the health of all members. Home is a necessity for many families today.

Unlike the separate water purifier, the Kangaroo Drinking Water Heater is more optimal. Our water heater and water heater products are increasingly trusted by customers. Almost all of Kangaroo’s products are now installed for many homes, from small to large projects. In summary, the practical benefits of the experience that customers have while using air conditioners.

Kangaroo KG35A3 Water Cooled Drinking Water is a 2-in-1 Kangaroo Water Cooled Drinking Water Heater, which is a convenient and convenient water heater and water cooler.

Water heater KG35A3 has a heating capacity of up to 420W, hot water from Kangaroo’s water heater can be used at the tap, used to make tea, coffee, shrimp noodle ..very convenient for people office office. The machine has a cooling capacity of 100W, for the natural cold, refreshing, smothering your thirst.

• Heater with integrated RO filter technology.

The Kangaroo KG35A3 water heater incorporates a 3-core RO filter technology, a rust-free, rust-free filter, a cold water RO water purifier, good for water, bactericidal in water.

• Block cooling

The KG35A3 Cooling Water Heater uses a block cooling system for very deep chill, while the boiler is made of stainless steel and has two separate hot and cold taps, Safe, secure when used in places where children like bookstores, supermarkets, amusement parks, family.

In the present day industry, everything is polluted, water is heavily polluted, it is indispensable to equip your family or office with a hot water cooler and water purifier.

• Handy, easy to use with 2 separate hot and cold taps.

• Block cooling system, R134A.

• Block protection by thermal fuses.

• 304 stainless steel.

• Use a jar.

Technical information:

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Weight: 14,4 Kg

Size: 274 * 303 * 1086mm

Capacity: CS Hot: 420W – CS Cold: 100W

Warranty 12 months