Voltage : 220V – 50Hz
Cooling current : 2.9A
Net Weight : 7.1Kg
Dimension : (350x360x995)mm



Product lines Kangaroo drinking water heaters are no longer strange to everyone. In the process of formation and development, Kangaroo always improves and brings to the market good quality products to consumers.

Understanding the need for clean water and the need to use hot and cold water quickly from everyone, Kangaroo launched the Kangaroo KG31A2 product line with many new features and technical improvements. Kangaroo water heater with compact, eye-catching design as well as product features, the machine has been trusted by everyone in recent times.

Special features of Kangaroo KG31A2 . hot and cold water plant

Kangaroo KG31A2 hot and cold water plant has many useful features