• Convenient, easy to use with separate hot and cold faucets

• Block cooling system, refrigerant R134A

• Block protection by thermal cut-out

• Heating tank made of stainless steel 304

• Use suction tank

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Weight: 16 Kg

Size: 310 x 362 x 1000 mm

Power: Hot C: 420W – Cold CS: 100W

Warranty: 12 months




In the industrial era, pollution is a big problem, water source is seriously polluted, so we should use a hot and cold water dispenser with the function of filtering.
With elegant colors and modern design, it is suitable for every internal space: living rooms, offices or luxurious shops.
The device is used to produce clean and fresh water for households in hot summer and cold winter, ensuring the health of your family.
In addtion to water filtering, the device had more functions and it is getting more and more popular among customers. The product can be set up in homes, in small and big buildings.

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Kangaroo KG47A3,
a product manufactured by Kangaroo Group, with the integration of 2 in 1, has the function of heating and cooling water on the same product.

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Kangaroo KG47A3 has the heating power of 540W, the hot water produced by the machine can be used on tap for making tea, coffee, instant noodles… convenient for office workers. Its cooling power is 85W, the natural and comfortable cooling degree will quench your thirst.
Block Cooling

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Kangaroo KG47A3 uses block cooling system to create deep cooling degree, the heating tank of the product is made of stainless steel, there are 2 separate hot and cold faucets,
the hot faucet has a safety lock for children, so it can be used in families, bookstores, supermarkets, play grounds…