Energy saving

Heat resistant and fireproof handle

Size: 24cm




– Health and safety, environment friendly

– Non-stick marble coated, modern design

– Durable non-stick layer

– Energy saving

– Heat resistant and fireproof handle

– Size: 24cm

Product Information

KKangaroo KG920 marble pattern is made of durable aluminum alloy, saving oil when cooking and easy to clean after use. It is designed for small, handy use, is the favorite product of Vietnamese mothers.

Compact design

The Kangaroo KG920 is compact in size with a diameter of 14 cm, suitable for cooking porridge, cooking powder for children, cooking dishes for one person to eat.

Material aluminum alloy

For children in the first months of life, besides the choice of food, cooking utensils for baby should also be considered to ensure that the digestive system of the baby is stable and not hurt. Hence, many mothers have trusted and selected the Kangaroo KG920 non-stick cookware made of aluminum alloy of 2.2mm thickness, which is safe for baby’s health

Non-stick coating

Kangaroo KG921 anti-stick coating is safe, you can cook delicious food with very little oil. In addition, anti-adhesive layer also makes grease, dirt unstick, helping you easily clean. When you use it, you just need to gently wash the pot.

Fast heating, radiant heat

The bottom of the pot is conducive to heat and transfer heat, which helps cooking food quickly, saving a lot of time for the mothers. Outside the pot is covered with a heat-resistant coating, so the pan is not burny or changed color, increasing the durability of the product.

Heat-resistant handle

Kangaroo KG921 non-stick handle has a long handle made of heat-resistant plastic, avoiding hand burns when used.

Suitable kitchen

Kangaroo KG921 can be used on gas stove or infrared cooker, not on the electromagnetic stove.

Easy cleaning

• Use dishwashing water to clean it

• Wait until water is cool to clean

• Do not put in the dishwasher