Energy saving

Heat resistant and fireproof handle

Size: 16cm




– Health and safety, environment friendly

– Non-stick marble coated, modern design

– Durable non-stick layer

– Energy saving

– Heat resistant and fireproof handle

– Size: 16cm

Product Information

Kangaroo KG921 marble pattern, 16 cm long insulated handle is the perfect choice for women to cook food for a few family members.

Patterns of marble stone

The Kangaroo KG921 anti-stick pot is made of alloy material coated marble stone pattern, so it’s safe to use. The simple design orange pot highlights the modern kitchen space.

16 cm diameter

With a diameter of 16cm, the Kangaroo KG921 is suitable for cooking baby food such as flour, milk or food for 1-2 people.

Anti-sticky coating

Kangaroo KG921 anti-stick pot is safe, you can cook delicious food with very little oil. In addition, anti-adhesive layer also helps removing grease, dirt, making you easy to clean. When you use it, you just need to gently wash the pot.

Heat-resistant handle

Kangaroo KG921 handles are made from high quality plastic and do not transmit heat, so you can use it conveniently, avoiding hand burns during cooking.

Saving materials

The bottom of the pot has good heat emission and heat transfer, helping fast food cooking, saving time and materials.

Healthy and environmentally friendly

In addition to the heat resistant handle, the pot is also equipped with heat-resistant glass, plastic handle for safe use.

Outside the pot is covered with a heat-resistant coating, so the pan is not burnt or changed color, increasing the durability of the product.

Note: Kangaroo KG921 non-stick cooker can not be used on the electromagnetic stove.

Easy cleaning

• Use dishwashing water to clean it

• Wait until water is cool to clean

• Do not put in the dishwasher