Motor power (W): 200W
Machine size (mm): 600x385x1220
Machine weight (Kg): 17.2
Cooling area (m2): 35-45
Water compartment (liters): 65
Humidifying flow (ml / h): 5000
Wind flow (m3 / h): 7000



Kangaroo KG50F60 air cooler has a “2 in 1” function Cooling – Humidification is the perfect solution for hot summer days.
Multifunctional with Kangaroo KG50F60 air cooler

The Kangaroo KG50F60 air cooler is a new experience for users when integrating multi-function cooling and humidification efficiently without consuming much power in large spaces.

Cooling mode: 3 fan speeds including low – medium – high with honeycomb evaporator design increases the amount of air to create a cool, pleasant wind. With a capacity of 200W, the Kangaroo KG50F60 air cooler is suitable for space of 35-45m2.

Humidifying mode: Kangaroo KG50F60 air cooler uses water vapor to absorb heat and reduce air temperature, overcoming the dehydrated dry skin that is often encountered when using air conditioning.
Easy with ergonomic design for Kangaroo KG50F60 air cooler users

You can easily move Kangaroo KG50F60 air cooler thanks to the support wheel. In addition, some other features such as wheels with brakes to help move easily are also plus points for the user.

To ensure optimum performance, you should change the water regularly up to every 3 days, and clean the cooling pad every 2 weeks. Before turning off the computer, you should turn off the cooling function before 15-20 ‘to dry the cooling pad.
Kangaroo KG50F60 air cooler is safer for health

The Kangaroo air cooler does not create a large temperature difference between the room and the outdoor temperature, does not cause skin dryness or respiratory problems like when using an air conditioner, so it is often used for families. have young children.

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