Motor power (W):220 W

Machine size (mm): 695x438x1050 mm

Machine Weight (Kg):15 Kg

Cooling area (m2): 30-35 m2




3 levels of wind: Low / Medium / High

Powerful airflow with multi-directional rotation for faster cooling

Large capacity, with a capacity of 40 liters, enough to operate throughout the day

Handles and wheels should be easy to move

Automatically rotate left / right

Ideal for use in wide area areas

Product Feature

The Kangaroo KG50F30 air cooled chillers, with their flexible mobility, make it easy to use in a variety of locations and meet the demands of efficient cooling.

The Kangaroo KG50F30 air cooler carries the “breath” of the ocean to your room.

Wide winds

Large airflow and canopy can increase air volume by up to 50% and reduce noise effectively, so you can enjoy cool, cool air.

Airflow out centrifuges

The appearance of centrifugal blower winds and the conversion of electrical energy with high efficiency, when comparing air ducts with products of the same type of engine, the wind speed of the Kangaroo cooling fan is 15%

Water cycle

After turning on the power, the water pump will start operating

Water from the reservoir is pumped to the water distribution system, then free fall to the cooling pad.

Water quickly spread on the cooling plate

The air from the outside of the inlet air intake will pass through the cooled down cooled aquarium in zigzag pattern. Therefore, the hot air will be cooled and radiate cool air flow naturally.

This process will take place periodically and continuously creating clean wind and mild humidity to help prevent dryness.

Some of the superior features of the Kangaroo KG50F30 air cooler

Multi function: Kangaroo KG50F30 air cooler integrated multi-function cooling – Fans – Air filter

Large capacity: 40L capacity for daytime operation

Handles and wheels: This makes it easy to move the cooler from one location to another

Ideal for use in wide areas, warehouses, dining rooms, function rooms, gardens, patios, restaurants, outdoor events, outdoor tents

Feature and Specification

Motor power: 220W

Weight machin: 15 Kg

Size machine: 695x438x1050 mm

Cooling area (m2): 30-35 m2

Wind speed: 8.5m/s

Wind flow: 2.500 m3/min

Water tank: 40 Liter