1.8L capacity

Power 700W

2.0mm pot

Easy to open lid

Flexible draw cord




Kangaroo rice cooker KG371 with gray color having a unique design, luxury design, will certainly “conquer”  housewife.

1.8L capacity

With a capacity of 1.8L, you can be assured of providing delicious meals for families of  4-6 people.

Power 700W

The Kangaroo KG371 cooker uses 700W power to cook  rice faster, save time.

2.0mm inner pot

The 2.0mm pot has a honeycomb shaped bottom with a large and thick heating plate, which helps heat up faster, make cooking fast and ensure a good meal. The pot is coated with two layers of anti-stick to ensure delicious rice without being burned, sticky  and clean pot easily.

Outer layer of inner pot  plated gold

With its gold-plated appearance, the pot creates luxury and distinction,

Easy to open lid

Kangaroo KG371 rice cooker opening design allows easy operation when opening and closing.

Flexible drawcord