•All electrical parts warranty: 12 months.

•Capacity: 10 – 15 l / h.



( Without VTU Casing )

•Kangaroo water purifier, the leading RO (reverse osmosis) water purifier in Vietnam.

•R.O Filmtec membrane – made in USA.

•NANO SILVER antibacterial technology, available only in Kangaroo water filter.

•The filter helps to eliminate of bacteria in water and rejuvenate the minerals.

• The device consists of five filter cartridges

• Voltage: 24V

• Power: > 10 lít/ giờ

• Weight: 21,5Kg

• Dimension: 45x32x90 cm

Product feature

RO Water Filter – 7 Filter cartridges

•The water filter has compact structure, beautiful and luxurious, power saving (consumes only 2 KWh for one month operation)

•Main functions:

• After being treated by the filtration system of the Kangaroo filter, the water is completely pure and can be taken immediately without boiling.

• Automatic water filtration.

• RO membrane auto wash before filtration

• Automatic alarm for water shortage.

•Auto stop when water level reaches the limit, helps to save power. Automatic discharge of waste water.

• This product has many models and types.

• Warranty for all electrical parts: 12 months