Technical Specifications

Number of 7 core cores
Capacity : 20 liters / hour
RO filtration technology
Warranty :12 months




 7 – Stage RO purifier 100GPD with cabinet:
. Plastic tank: 3.5G made in Vietnam
. Adaptor: 24VDC made in Vietnam
. Pump: 100G full metal Self-priming, made in Vietnam
. 1st stage: PP5 micron
. 2nd stage: OCB-GAC
. 3rd stage: Catrion
. 4th stage: PP 1 micron/ CTO
. 100G RO membrane
. 5th stage: nano-carbon
. 6th stage: Alkaline filter
. Quick fitting
. Flow 300 & Auto clean RO
. Solenoid valve
. Voltage: 220V/ 50Hz
Warranty :12 months

Product feature

Kangaroo KG100EM water purifier stands out with the ultra-luxurious VTU casing design, incorporating modern RO (US) water filtration technology, and a complete mineral supplementation and filtering system.
Upgrade to luxury and class Vtu casing
With this new model, Kangaroo does not use the stainless steel cover anymore, instead upgrading to the diamond blue Vtu shell brings satisfaction to the rating for any space.
Particularly the front of the machine has toughened glass against scratches, protects the machine safely against any adverse conditions and environment. In addition, the relatively square design, certainly quickly scored the absolute score for those who first saw it.
7-level filter design, RO filter technology (USA) create pure water, drink directly
Owning only 7 filters but Kangaroo KG100EM Water Purifier still has a strong impression for users, in the filtration system, filtering technology and the quality of the output water is the best.
The first is a set of 4 rough cores with a gap of 5µm, the main function is to prevent soil mud, rust, suspended impurities in water, or good toxins, substances that cause dermatitis to help water somewhat clean and without photos. enjoy the filter core behind it.
Next is the number 5 filter, also known as RO membrane filter, applying technology from the US, with micro-gap 0.0001 micron, the function of removing all solids, heavy metal ions, microorganisms objects, bacteria, viruses, residual organic substances in the water ensure clean, pure water and can be drunk without boiling.
Finally, water will be added with minerals that are healthy. Specifically, the 5 core possesses the antibacterial nano-antibacterial technology against re-infection back to the water source. And core 6.7 will function to soften water, neutralize excess acid, create alkaline water to help drinkers not worry about lack of substance, in contrast to improve skin pigmentation, anti-aging, prevent dry skin when Drink water from the machine.