Cooling capacity of BTU / h 9000
Electrical power W 840
Max input current A 7.5
Max power input W 1550
Effective coefficient for cooling season 4.2
R32 refrigerant
Noise level in dB (A) 33
Dimensions of indoor unit (WxDxH) mm 750 × 285 × 200
Dimensions of outdoor unit (WxDxH) mm 660 × 500 × 240



Natural cool design with “fish fins” and 3D flap wings
IFavor mode: The device can save user favorite modes such as wind speed, temperature.
IFeel mode: Identify the temperature at the position of the controller and continue cooling to reach the optimum setting temperature.
Deep sleep mode automatically adjusts temperature, wind speed
Spiral groove duct
Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant
Super cooling mode Turbo cooling
LED display sharp, active mode indicator
Lead-free, anti-aging ABS discoloration
Made in Thailand

Cool naturally
Inspired by the strong but extremely smooth movement of the fish in the ocean, Kangaroo’s design engineers have created a special structure for the “fish fins” wings that incorporate 3D wind island. This design allows for a greater push for cold air to spread throughout the room and further away but the airflow is still soft, evenly distributed to create a pleasant feeling for even those sensitive to the wind.

With a cooling capacity of 1 HP, Kangaroo KGAC09CI inverter air conditioner is an ideal choice for rooms under 15 m2 such as individual offices, small bedrooms, …

Inverter Kangaroo intelligent multifunctional
Using Inverter technology in operation, Kangaroo air conditioners will operate extremely smoothly and durable. Besides, you are even more interested in discovering and experiencing smart features with Kangaroo KGAC09CI

IFAVOR mode: The air conditioner can save the user’s preferred mode such as wind speed, temperature to automatically operate fast according to the appropriate mode right after starting the air conditioner.
IFEEL mode: Automatically detects the temperature at the position of the control and continues cooling to reach the optimum setting temperature.
Time setting On / Off according to user needs favorably

Deep sleep mode
Intelligent temperature sensor, automatically adjusts the temperature, wind speed, ensuring the ideal air quality in the room, for optimal sleep.

Kangaroo air conditioners operate smoothly
Kangaroo aims to maximize benefits for users in the minimalist structure of the machine. The entire device is unibody finished in Thailand by leading experts, optimizing the design of each screw to reduce installation operations, perfect care for each line of the product becomes sophisticated.