Material : Stainless steel

Product dimensions :760 x 420 x 200 (mm)

Size of stone carving : 740 x 400 (mm)




Made of high quality stainless steel, high durability, glossy surface easy to clean

Design 01 hole

High-grade, anti-spill system

Washbasin is designed to prevent noise

Surfaces are treated with antibacterial silver nanoparticles

Siphon-coated nanoparticles

Product Feature

Kangaroo KG7642R Stainless Steel Washbasin is designed by Australia’s Kangaroo Experts with high-grade stainless steel in high durability and easy to clean surface. Environmentally friendly and safe for the health of users.

Kangaroo KG7642R is designed for small bowls with a size of 760 x 420 (mm) suitable for kitchen space with narrow area, 200 mm deep tubular design minimizes water outflow when discharge water tap. The bottom of the pot will give the product a certain level of supremacy from the bottom of the pot, giving it a quiet space for the whole family to use.

Anti-bacterial nano-scale clay: Intelligent stoner technology prevents odor, bacteria from draining.

Stainless steel sink design of high-grade, anti-spillage system: large diameter drainage pipe for quick drainage, easy to install in all terrain.

The surface of Kangaroo stainless steel sink is coated with antimicrobial silver nanoparticle to clean the surface, antibacterial (destroy bacteria after use) natural, safe, super anti-adhesion, stain .

Feature and Specification

Stainless steel sink Kangaroo KG7642R

Material : Stainless steel

Product dimensions : 760 x 420 x 200 (mm)

Size of stone carving : 740 x 400 (mm)