• Capacity: 32L
• Voltage: 220V/50Hz
• Power: 2500W
• Weight: 19.5Kg
• Dimension: 657x454x240x262 cm



Kangaroo Water Heater Blue Diamod series Model KG 60

• Intestine coated artificial diamond, unique in the market, non-corrosive, durable, permanent and absolute safety
• Heating bar made of Stainless steel 816, forever warranty, high insulation, good thermal conductivity, stable temperature, durable permanent (Stainless steel 816 is 50 times better than Stainless steel 316)
• Temperature adjusted function based on needs of user.
• Electronic LED display temperature
• Multi-level safety system integrated ELCB anti-shock.
• Against overheating, against dried boiling, overvoltage, provide high safety for users
• Big anode magnesium bar provide corrosion resistance, increase water quality, protect the skin, increasing product life
• Product Warranty
o Period from the date of purchase:
o Heating bar: 5 year warranty
o Case of product: warranty 12 months from date of purchase