Capacity: 100 W, Machine weight: 7.95 kg
Machine size: 470 x 335 x 932 mm
Cooling area: 25 – 30 m²
Wind flow: 3700 m³ / h Water tank: 33L
Wind mode: 3 modes



Attached to a fan, there are 2 dry ice boxes to help cool down more effectively for hot days
This is a chemical ice, when you want to cool it, put the dry ice box in the freezer compartment (this ice can be reused), then put in the fan's water tank, the dry ice will be used for cooling. the water to cool the radiant steam.

In case your house does not have a refrigerator to freeze dry ice, you can still use a fan to cool it normally with water.

Capacity: 100 W

Cooling range: Room 25 – 30 m²

Function: Create steam to cool the air Wind speed: 3 wind levels Controls: Push button, Rotary knob Wind flow: 3700 m³ / h Type of fan cage: Normal fan cage

Size: Horizontal 47 cm – Height 93.2 cm – Depth 33.5 cm

Water tank capacity: 33 liters Water consumption: About 2 – 3 liters / hour

Utilities: there is a running wheel There is a scale showing the water level Self-shut off when overheating Reverse wind left – right Ice cooler compartment Dry ice cooling box available

Weight: 7.95 kg

Brand of: Vietnam Made in China Release date: 2019

Brand: Kangaroo