Voltage: 220V-240V / 50HZ

Power: 1500W

Dimensions: 195x180x220 mm




Premium stainless steel water heater, allowing you to boil water in just minutes.

Balance with glow after turning on the kettle switch./p>

360 ° swivel base and cordless design.

Voltage: 220V-240V / 50HZ

Power: 1500W

Dimensions: 195x180x220 mm

Product characteristics

Compact design, large capacity

The Kangaroo KG336 is capable of boiling 1.8 liters of water so it is suitable for families who need regular hot water to make tea, noodles, and milk. Fast and convenient, power saving. Products are also compact design, in harmony with the kitchen space should be many housewives choose.

The stainless steel body is 2 layers thick and holds good heat

The Kangaroo KG336 ultra-fast cooking kettle holds the heat very well, allowing you to boil water in just a few minutes. Moreover, high grade stainless steel will not produce toxic substances in water when heated at high temperature, so it is very safe for the user.

Shut off electricity when boiling water

The Kangaroo KG336 ultra-fast water heater features a self-disconnecting function when the water is boiling or running out, helping to increase product life and ensure user safety.

Intelligent light

The product supports the signal lights at the bottom of the tank to indicate that the tank is running and turns itself off when boiling water, making it easy to observe the boiling process.

Many useful features, easy to use

The rotating spout can be rotated 360 degrees thanks to its removable junction design, so you can lift and place jars easily in any corner, providing convenience. Along with that, the wires can be trimmed inwards, making it easier to maintain the jar. The expansion cap makes it easy to pour water into the jar as well as to clean it after use. Both the lid and handle are made of heat-resistant plastic, avoiding burns when moving or opening the lid.

Kangaroo KG336 high quality, safe and safe use will be indispensable for modern life.

Safe when using

The kettle is self-disconnecting when the water is boiling or running out, so you can just plug in water and do other things without fear of forgetting. This function also increases product life and fire and explosion protection, ensuring absolute safety for users.

Feature and Specification

Voltage: 220V-240V / 50HZ

Power: 700W

Dimensions: 195x180x220 mm

Material: High grade PP plastic

Guarantee: 12 months