Multi function: rotate, grill, defrost, reheat, roti, dry, roast
Light in the oven: easy to observe food during baking.
Installation time is 60 minutes
The relay protects against overheating and fire.
Energy saving
Heat-resistant glassware.
Safety when using.

Product feature

Luxurious design

With its eye-catching, compact design with refined color, and modern sophistication, the Kangaroo halogen oven KG 196 features the family kitchen space, making it a good choice for homemakers. The light design in the oven makes it easy for the user to see the food while baking.

Convection baking technology

Kangaroo KG 197N is equipped with convection technology with halogen lamps to create uniformly hot air throughout the oven to help the food ripen from the inside out in a short time but still retain the delicious taste. The light and heat-resistant glass inside the pot makes it easy to see the food when baking.

Timer mode

Kangaroo halogen oven KG 197N has built-in thermostat with automatic thermostat and maximal timer function of up to 60 minutes, after the timer has been set automatically, the power is off, ensuring user safety, energy saving and temperature control which is suitable for each cooking needs, no smoke and optimal power savings.


The oven has many different processing functions such as grilling, fruits and vegetables grilling, baking, thawing, warming, roasting, roasting, frying, roasting, smoking. In addition, the product has integrated timer of up to 60 minutes and adjust the temperature to suit the needs.

As a multifunctional product, you can enrich your family meal: baking, roasting, thawing, reheating, fuming, roasting, drying. Its caapacity is up to 1400W.

Using Safety
KG 197N oven is equipped with overheat protection, fire protection, you can rest during use. The cookware is made of heat-resistant glass material with the best durability.

Time / temperature setting for each type of food

Chicken 30-40 minutes 180-200°C
Fish 10-15 minutes 130-150°C
Pork 15-20 minutes 180-200°C
Pies 10-12 minutes 140-160°C
Lobster 12-15 minutes 140-160°C
Shrimp 10-12 minutes 150-180°C
Sausage 10-13 minutes 120-150°C
Bean 10-15 minutes 140-160°C
Toasted bread 8-10 minutes 120-140°C
Potato 12-15 minutes 180-200°C
Chicken wing 15-20 minutes 150-180°C
Crab 10-13 minutes 140-160°C
Sliced pork ribs 18-20 minutes 220-240°C
Hot Dogs Cake 5-8 minutes 190-210°C