Voltage : 220V/50Hz

Power : 180 W

Weight : 3.2 Kg

Size (mm) : 185x130x150 (mm)




Power : 180 W

Current : 0.81 A

Capacitor : 5 µF

Weight : 3.2 Kg

Flow rate : 30 L/min

Max Head : 13 M

Size (mm) : 185x130x150 (mm)

Feature and Specification

Pump coil with made by copper

Pump Body with Aluminium

Impeller Cover with made by Cast Iron

Pump axle with made by 304 Stainless Steel

Impeller with made by PPO Plastic

Pump core with made by Silicon Steel

Operating conditions

Pump and Housing Insulation well to avoid the risk of lightning

The water used in the temperature from 10 degrees to 45 degrees

Ambient temperature up to 40 degrees, you can use

The home is used in commercial and Cooling System

Additional information

Weight3.2 kg