Motor power: 65W Machine weight: 5.8Kg
Machine size: 337 x 347 x 753 mm
Cooling area: 15 – 20m2
Wind flow: 360 m3 / h Water tank: 5L
Wind mode: 3 modes



Outstanding characteristics

LED display and remote control
Automatic timer function
Automatically switches off when the tank runs out of water
Ability to cool quickly thanks to wide-angle oscillation
Set 3 wind modes: Sleep / Normal / Natural
Compact design, luxury

The Kangaroo KG50F61 air cooler with its luxurious and compact design, along with its flexible mobility allows you to easily use in many different locations and meet the needs of efficient cooling.

Modern LED display and handy remote control

KG50F61 air cooler is equipped with modern LED display, which helps users easily observe the operating mode. Remote control helps you manipulate functions optimally, without having to be in close contact with the cooler.

Wide angle oscillator

With a wide range of cooling to help reduce heat efficiently, airflow, fast and wide throughout the room space, suitable for rooms with an area of ​​15 – 20m2.

Set 3 wind modes

The Kangaroo KG50F61 air cooler has 3 modes of normal, natural and sleeping, to meet all cooling needs in different spaces and weather conditions.

Kangaroo KG50F61 air cooler