All electrical parts warranty: 12 months.

Capacity: 10 – 15 l / h.




The system consists of 5 filters including:

Core # 5 – Nano Silver: Apply NANO technology, using Ion Ag + to infiltrate microbial cells. With this method, the silver NANO filter column can destroy up to 99.99% of the bacteria present in the water. In addition, NANO filter columns also have the effect of deodorizing the water.

• Film.One membrane made in U.S.A: heart of RO water treatment technology, reverse osmosis, with filter slot 0.001 micron. Function removes heavy metal impurities, toxins in water sources, bacteria that cause gastrointestinal tract. Purified water purified aseptically.

• Filter System 1, 2, 3: Core 1 (PP 5 micron) to prevent mud, rust greater than 5 microns; Core 2 (activated charcoal) absorbs odors, organic matter, chlorine, pesticides in water; No 3 (1 micron PP) eliminates impurities, bacteria remaining in the filtration process is larger than 1 micron.

Water through a filter system of pure Kangaroo Water Purifier and can be taken immediately without boiling.

Product feature

• Automatic water purification.

• Automatically wash RO membrane before filtration.

• Automatically stops when water is low.

• Stop running when the water tank is full, avoid wasting electricity. Automatic discharge of waste water.

• Compact, beautiful and luxurious water purifier, saving electricity.

• All electrical parts warranty: 12 months.

• Capacity: 10 – 15 l / h.

Replacement Filter and Maintenance Service Free Kangaroo Water Purifier at Home

Water-purifying cores are directly involved in the prevention and de-microbicide filtering process. These impurities will remain on the surface of the filter material to create plaque or clumps on the core. filtered. This is the environment in which harmful microorganisms grow, not to mention the clogged pores and re-infection in pure water. Therefore, Kangaroo recommends replacing the water purifier periodically to avoid these risks.