KG 800



Capacity: 1300W
Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Weight: 3.0 kg
Capacity: 3 L
Dimensions: 325x178x325 (mm)

Large heating capacity can set the temperature from 0 – 230 degrees Celsius
Thick, non-stick inner pot is easy to clean
Large pot capacity: 3 L
Many cooking modes: can fry fish, beef, sautéed beans at the table; Cook soup; Hot Pot; Stir-fry vegetables
Replace convenient gas stove

The Kangaroo KG800 electric hot pot, with many outstanding features, is becoming an indispensable kitchen appliance for family and friends parties.
3L compliant capacity
With a capacity of 3 L, the Kangaroo KG800 electric hot pot can meet meals for family and friends on weekends.

Keep the heat longer
The Kangaroo KG800 electric hotpot is made of thick aluminum alloy, coated with high-quality non-stick coating to help retain heat longer, avoid food adhesion and easy to clean after use.

Capacity 1300W
Large heat tray capacity can set the temperature from 0 – 230 degrees Celsius, helping to cook food quickly, saving cooking time. Large heating plate for fast and uniform heat transfer.